Front End Developer
Servin Nissen

Hey ik ben Servin, een Front End Developer uit Alkmaar. Met een passie/obsessie voor code en mooie animaties. Vind hier wat van mijn school werk en vrije tijds geklooi.



Not necessarily VR but a little project that saved me a lot of time and problems. With this you can write your console to the DOM. The reason I started this project was because I wanted to have a console inside of VR. This was my first step in this project. To make one inside the DOM. Problem with making this for VR was performance. Whenever something was put in the console a new TextGeometry would be added. The more you added the more it would start to crash.

Current uses for this project is when i’m working for the GearVR. Because this does not have a console this makes it so much easier.

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